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Antari W-510

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Wireless 1,000W Fogger

This premium-performance series is specially upgraded for professional users who demand true “Plug-In and Play” operation for stage fog machines. All the unnecessary wires are eliminated leaving you a transmitting controller in your hand to send out the commands.

ANF475, 1000W powerful fogger that is most requested from DJs and clubs. The precision lies with optoelectronic liquid sensor (OPTO), where they are being installed to ANF475 and model numbers above. When sensing there’s insufficient liquid, the pump will stop working, and then the production of fog will be ceased until it senses the re-filling of the liquid again. This light, sleek and compact design fogger is equipped with DMX on-board.

The innovative smart-intelligence lies with the learning-mode of the wireless function. Where each receiver can memorize up to 5 sets of frequencies and all receivers can receive signals from any registered transmitter.

We have taken liberty in only including the wireless controller to each model, which comes standard. A bit our way, but keep the personality strong.

Ideas kept dark cannot succeed, we are designed to exceed. Let it, “Wireless, with us"

  • Recommended Antari FLR/FLG
High quality and performance, environmental-friendly.
Fog liquid with no oily residue aand longer lifespan for the machines.

Wireless range is up to 50M (meters)
Wireless distance may vary depending on the interference
Power :AC100V/AC120V/AC230V/AC240V, 50Hz-60Hz
Heater: 1,000W
Output : 10,000 cu.ft (283m3) / min
Tank Capacity : 2.8 liters
Fluid Consumption Rate : 13 min / 1 liter
Weight : 11.4 kg
Dimensions : L 468 x W 250 x H 148
Remote Included: W-1 Wireless Remote
Function: Wireless On/Off ; DMX
Warm-Up Time : 12 minutes
Liquid Used: Antari FLR / FLG


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