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Ultratec CLB 2014

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Bubble Master 220 volt

The Bubble Master is a professional and durable machine that is capable of producing enormous quantities of bubbles into the atmosphere. It is built with hi-tech, roto-mold plastic that prevents corrosion. The Bubble Master is also equipped with high power fans that offer a variable speed control which allows for greater flexibility in the bubble projection.

Fluid Consumption: 1 Gallon = 50 min. @ 100% Output

  • Enormous Bubble Output
  • Heavy-Duty Moulded Plastic Chassis
  • Non-Corosive Interior Design
  • Bubble Projector
  • Light Weight
  • 1-Gallon Capacity FDS Compatible
Length: 23.5", 59.69 cm
Width: 16.25", 41.27 cm
Height: 11", 27.94 cm
Net Weight: 21 lbs, 9.51 kg
Rating: 1 amp @ 220 volts
Regulatory Compliance: CSA-certified for the US and Canadian markets, to the applicable US and Canadian standards.


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