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Tascam CD-200iB

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TASCAM's CD-200iB is a unique combination of rackmountable CD player with a dock for Apple's iPod music player. The CD player uses the TEAC CD-5020A transport, custom-designed for audio playback with a smooth loading drawer and low clamping noise. The high-quality internal clock provides smoother sound and decreased jitter. The CD-200iB includes both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs for both the CD and iPod playback.

A sliding drawer reveals a connector dock for any Apple iPod. The iPod can be controlled from the CD-200iB's front-panel or wireless remote, including transport control, album navigation and more. The iPod can be charged from the dock connector, and video can even be played through an S-video jack on the rear panel.

TASCAM's CD-200iB has balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA analog outputs and S/PDIF digital outputs on coaxial and optical jacks. MP3 and WAV file playback is supported from CD media. The front-panel Folder navigation buttons change folders on CDs and albums on the iPod. A wireless remote control with numerical track select buttons is also included.

TASCAM’s unique CD-200iB is a natural choice for conference rooms, health clubs and any other installations requiring playback from CD and iPod media.
Rackmountable CD player with iPod Dock
XLR balanced output
High-quality CD transport
Stereo mini jack input for any music player connection
iPod Dock Connector for audio and video playback and control
Composite and S-Video outputs for iPod
CD-DA, MP3 and WAV file playback
CD Text and ID3 tag display
Continuous, shuffle, and program playback modes
Single and All repeat playback modes for audio CDs
Folder repeat playback mode for data CDs
+/- 14.0 % pitch control for CD
Intro check for CD
Shock-proof memory
RCA unbalanced output for CD and iPod
XLR balanced output for CD and iPod
RCA coaxial and Optical digital outputs for CD player
Included Wireless Remote control


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