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F 45

Rane F 45

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  F 45  
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F 45 Crossfader

The F 45 Crossfader (45 mm) may be used to replace the longer 60 mm crossfader on the Rane MP 24z, MP 22z or MM 8z Mixers as well as the 60 mm crossfader on the XP 2016 or XP 2016a. This part will not work on the XP 2016S or any other Rane product. This part can be "hot-swapped" which means the mixer may be operating while the transplant is performed.

Crossfader Removal
  1. Remove the two mounting screws with a # 1 Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Pull crossfader assembly out approximately 6 inches.
  3. Unplug ribbon cable from unit.
  4. Place crossfader on table, in trash or you can even hang it on your wall. But Don not place it next to your new crossfader, you may install the old one by mistake.
Crossfader Installation
  1. Set replacement crossfader in front of unit.
  2. Plug ribbon cable onto unit with the red stripe on ribbon cable to the right.
  3. Place crossfader assembly into unit.
  4. Install the two new mounting screws, supplied with the replacement crossfader.


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