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Hosa ODL-276A

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Digital Audio Interface, S/PDIF Coax to S/PDIF Optical

The ODL-276A Digital Audio Interface by Hosa Technology allows simultaneous transfer between S/PDIF coax and S/PDIF optical digital audio formats. It is ideal for interconnecting digital audio workstations, recorders, and other digital audio gear regardless of I/O format.

  • Two channels S/PDIF coax to S/PDIF optical and vice versa
  • Simultaneous conversion in both directions if required
  • Support for 24-bit/96 kHz S/PDIF audio
  • AC adaptor included
One piece of digital audio gear may have only S/PDIF coax (RCA) connections while another may have only S/PDIF optical connections (Toslink). With the ODL-276A, transfers between the two formats remain in the digital realm. The ODL-276A is an indispensable tool for the digital audio recordist!

This unit will not allow transfer second generation recordings that have been protected by SCMS (Serial Copy Management System). It is incompatible with the ADAT Optical Interface.
Connector(s): S/PDIF Coax to S/PDIF Optical


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